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Aquarium Services

Care and Maintenance

  • Design and installation of life support systems
  • Personalized service with scheduled appointments
  • Importing livestock from around the world
  • Diagnosis and treatment of fish diseases
  • Repair and restoration of acrylic fish tanks
  • 24 Hour Emergency service for our clients
  • Upgrading of existing life support systems
  • Moving and relocating of existing aquariums
  • Fish Tank or pond cleaning and maintenance

SCHEDULED AQUARIUM SERVICE - includes the following:
Freshwater or Saltwater Aquarium Cleaning
Chemical evaluation
Livestock evaluation
Equipment test and adjustments
Change and clean filters
Water changes
Vacuum gravel
Clean interior of aquarium, coral, filters etc.
Clean and polish exterior
Add vitamins and trace element supplements
Feeding of live food (if applicable)
And all that is necessary to maintain a healthy, viable
and exciting aquatic environment.

Imported from around the world, and held in our quarantine tanks for at least three weeks prior to placement in our client's aquarium. By doing this we are ensuring  the fish are eating and are getting properly acclimated to captivity.    

Livestock are selected for beauty and compatibility for the individual Aquarium. If we can furnish you with any additional information or if you have any questions, please call or email.

Aquarium Network
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Tel: 516-798-4727

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