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Custom Aquariums

Complement your interior design with professionally designed Aquascaping from Aquarium Network. See what over 40 years of experience can deliver in the way of relaxing results when you bring the underwater glory of the reef into your office or home.

Adding a professionally designed and maintained custom aquarium to your business or residence is a design touch unequaled in any other way. Aquascaping is now a new and important addition to the concept of creating a room that is inviting and interesting for all. Adults can again experience that feeling of wonder and amazement that children naturally have as they watch undersea creatures enjoying a realistic environment that is kept clean and original by the Aquarium Network service professionals.

Custom aquariums are an important part of many business and home interiors. You will find them in waiting rooms where patients can relax while watching the slow pace of sea life. Nursing homes, colleges, health clubs, retailers, celebrities, and many Fortune 500 companies that have main offices in Manhattan have long term service relationships with Aquarium Network to design and maintain their aquariums.

Beautiful custom designed and built aquariums house compatible species in quality surroundings, including custom built coral reefs. Our custom aquariums are built with the comfort of the inhabitants in mind, as well as the excellence of views from surrounding room seating. We have over 40 years of experience designing, installing and maintaining aquariums; we believe we are the outstanding local experts in freshwater, saltwater and reef aquatic environments. Our expertise includes diagnosis of fish diseases, state-of-the-art filtration systems, and camouflage of life support systems so every custom aquarium view is unhindered.

Aquarium Network is ready to work with your architect’s designs or our own custom designs. Clients need only to feed the fish; we do the rest! Service is available 24/7 to Manhattan, New York, Northern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut.

Contact us today to find out more about custom aquariums.